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Join IT, data, and business professionals for the global Dynamic Talks Digital Transformation Summit. Learn about top data and AI technologies, innovative solutions, and get up to speed on the latest tech and data trends in digital transformation. This event will help you harness data and unlock innovation to build, iterate, and scale faster and with confidence.

Wednesday, October 27th
9:30 am PDT


  • 09:30 - 09:40 PDT


  • 10:10 - 10:35 PDT

    Critical Success Factors for Driving Measurable Results and a Corporate Culture of Innovation

    Lorri Rowlandson, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Innovation, BGIS

    About speaker

    Lorri Rowlandson is Senior Vice President, Strategy and Innovation at BGIS. She works globally with clients and BGIS team members to assist them with real estate transformations. She is an advisor to C-Suite real estate executives, consulting on a wide variety of topics to define and drive best outcome for clients.

    Lorri is a hands-on thought leader, leading strategic transformation initiatives for key clients on a wide variety of topics, including corporate real estate, employee experience design, cost reduction and smart buildings.

    In addition to supporting clients, Lorri is a highly sought-after industry expert and regularly participants in speaking engagements on emerging trends, innovation and thought leadership on a wide variety of topics in real estate and outsourcing.

  • 10:40 - 11:05 PDT

    Scaling AI: Top 5 Data & AI Trends to Watch

    Ilya Katsov, VP of Engineering, Grid Dynamics

    About speaker

    Ilya joined Grid Dynamics in 2009, and since then has been leading engagements with a number of major retail and technology companies, focusing primarily on Big Data, Machine Learning, and Economic Modeling. He is currently managing the Industrial AI consulting practice that helps clients to become successful AI adopters and deliver innovate AI solutions. Prior to joining Grid Dynamics, Ilya worked at Intel Research on emerging wireless communication technologies. He is the author of several scientific articles and international patents, and also authored a book, “Introduction to Algorithmic Marketing: Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Operations” (2017).

  • 11:10 - 11:35 PDT

    e-Commerce Best Practices in Data Management

    Ishita Majumdar, VP Data Analytics Platform, eBay


    Given the rapid acceleration of ecommerce during the pandemic (10 years of adoption compressed into three months), digital commerce websites have needed to be prepared for higher footprints and be more concerned about data privacy and governance as more data is collected. Enterprise data users including executives, analysts, data engineers, data scientists and product management want fast and frictionless access to data and derived insights. At eBay, our data insights need to be as current as possible so we can improve the customer experience and make it “sticky” to adapt to dynamic scenarios. We follow best practices in Data Discovery, Data Transformation, Data Governance, and Data Access to collect, govern and organize eBay data in a meaningful way to power better selling experiences, risk and fraud detection, buyer experiences and more.

    About speaker

    Ishita Majumdar is the VP of Data Analytics Platforms in eBay’s CTO organization. Her organization empowers eBay to drive towards data driven decision-making using the full spectrum of data analytics technologies, platforms and tools. She is a 20-year industry veteran with experience in architecture, strategy, product management and data modeling in Telco (Motorola, IBM, Huawei) and startup accelerators (Plug and Play Tech Accelerator).

    Ishita was named among the Top 10 Women of the Year and Diversity Initiative of the Year by Women in IT Awards in 2019. She is a data, tech and diversity speaker and mentor to many.

  • 09:40 - 10:05 PDT

    Leveraging Data Science for Sports Sponsorship Valuation

    Solomon Kahn, VP Product & Data, Nielsen


    Sports programming holds the power to engage audiences like no other entertainment format. Consequently, marketers are keenly interested in aligning with popular leagues, teams and athletes to reach fans and build positive associations with their offerings. Nielsen leverages long-running data science expertise along with advanced technologies to provide innovative valuation solutions to the global sports industry and meet the needs of marketers.

    Join Solomon Kahn for a presentation on how Nielsen Sports transformed a key product offering by implementing AI and computer vision in order to solve the biggest challenges in sports sponsorship.

    About speaker

    Solomon Kahn is a VP of Product & Analytics at Nielsen. He leads the product team at Nielsen Sports, where he is responsible for the AI and ML systems that generate the world’s most valuable sports sponsorship dataset. He also leads a global team of Analysts who generate actionable data and insights for the world’s largest rights holders and brands.

    Prior to joining Nielsen, he built data products for Fortune 500 companies as an Entrepreneur and Data Scientist at a Bionic, and ran the data team at Paperless Post, a New York based startup. Before getting into the world of data science, Solomon worked as an analyst in the finance industry, after studying Operations Research at Columbia University.

  • 11:50 - 12:15 PDT

    How Artificial Intelligence Transforms Digital Commerce

    Eugene Steinberg, Lead of Search and Deep Learning Practice, Grid Dynamics


    Artificial intelligence is getting wide adoption by the digital commerce industry leaders to provide differentiated customer experience and drive efficiency. In this talk, we will discuss pragmatic applications of AI and ML that reshape business operations, open new customer engagement channels and boost profits in digital commerce.

    About speaker

    Eugene Steinberg is the founding engineer at Grid Dynamics and a head of a Digital Commerce practice. As a Principal Architect and Consultant, Eugene has delivered some of the most extensive Grid Dynamics programs, from inception to production to maturing. Eugene has many interests, including digital commerce platforms, application of AI/ML to commerce, information retrieval, enterprise search, natural language processing, computer vision, as well as general science & art of building scalable distributed systems. Eugene earned a Ph.D. in Applied Math from Saratov State University.

  • 12:20 - 1:05 PDT

    Tapping Creativity to Drive Growth in the New Economy

    Ted Schadler, Vice President & Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
    Rajeev Sharma, Chief Technology Officer, Grid Dynamics
    Sahab Alsam, Data Science Faculty, UC Berkeley
    Mohammed Owais Nasir, Director, Digital Platform Solutions, Aon


    We are at a unique point in history. The building blocks of digital business are readily available, and the pandemic has created the urgency and the opportunity to think differently and work differently. Most organizations have made big strides in laying the foundations for creating digital products and experiences, empowering employees with insights and tools, and overhauling their operations and business models. So what's next? We believe that creativity is the next force of differentiation and growth.

    In this open discussion, we will explore these topics:

    • What are the new priorities now that cloud, analytics, and software building blocks are readily available?
    • How are organizations scaling up their digital skills and practices to infuse new approaches into every facet of work and engagement?
    • How do creativity, design, and innovation come together to energize a new way of thinking and working?
    • How can you organize to bring business, operations, and technology teams together in a coordinated and agile process?

  • 1:10 - 1:35 PDT

    Digital transformation of modern manufacturing

    Dmitry Mezhenskiy, Big Data Practice Lead, Grid Dynamics


    In this session, Dmitry will talk about automating manual detection of anomalies by building a data platform and providing data science teams with the right tools and data to create ML models. It will cover two major aspects: automating manual work and migrating to the cloud.

    About speaker

    Dmitry started his career eight years ago after obtaining his Master’s Degree in computer science, but didn’t find his niche until six years ago, when he began working in the Big Data area. He joined Grid Dynamics 4.5 years ago, and has worked on various Big Data projects since. One of the major projects, iCrossing, was a huge success as we built a high-performing Big Data platform. Dmitry continues to work in Big Data for Grid Dynamics, and is currently on-site at a large retailer.


Ishita Majumdar

Vice President, Data Analytics Platforms at eBay

Ted Schadler

Vice President & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

Solomon Kahn

VP Product & Data at Nielsen

Rajeev Sharma

Chief Technology Officer at Grid Dynamics

Lorri Rowlandson

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Innovation at BGIS

Sahab Aslam

Adjunct Faculty, Data Science at University of California, Berkeley

Mohammed Owais Nasir

Director, Digital Platform Solutions at Aon

Ilya Katsov

VP of Technology at Grid Dynamics

Dmitry Mezhensky

Big Data Practice Lead at Grid Dynamics

Eugene Steinberg

Technical Fellow, Head of Digital Commerce at Grid Dynamics

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