Max Martynov, Kirill Evstigneev

Continuous Delivery Blueprint

Software change management for enterprises in the era of cloud, microservices, DevOps, and automation.

Continuous Delivery Blueprint is a comprehensive guide to building a robust, and efficient change management process at scale. It focuses on improving organizational structure, architecture, process, and technology to achieve a fast, high-quality delivery without sacrificing control and transparency. This book describes the executable policy approach to continuous delivery as it shows how new technology advancements in microservices architecture, cloud infrastructure, and intelligent automation can be used to redesign legacy processes, and implement change management and security policies in a DevOps way.

This book will be helpful for

Enterprise executives

Managers in software engineering

Developers & QA engineers

Tackle cloud migration challenges. Adopt microservices in the cloud using open-source technology stacks. Reduce time-to-market with continuous delivery and DevOps best practices.

Redesign processes like release engineering, production support, and non-production environment maintenance by adopting continuous delivery practices.

Use CI/CD pipelines in every process at the same time while satisfying the requirements of release engineering and production operation teams.

Praise for Continuous Delivery Blueprint

"Technology advancements in cloud infrastructure, containerization, architecture, and automation are finally making it possible to implement a reliable continuous delivery process and build DevOps best practices. This book starts with an overview, and finishes with a detailed recipe on how to utilize modern technologies and processes to build efficient and reliable change management in a company. Even if your organization is already in the process of implementing continuous delivery, the book may provide more interesting and practical ideas on how to improve upon what you have now."

"This book by Max Martynov and Kirill Evstigneev draws from the deep domain expertise they developed at Grid Dynamics in building effective DevOps teams, and delivering continuous delivery pipelines for large organizations to help them successfully accelerate their application development projects, improve quality and bring digital services to the market faster."

"Max's book came in right on time as we are in the midst of developing of our Managed Service Offering here at GridGain Systems. As I was reviewing the draft, it became pretty clear that this is a much more canonical and in-depth look at the modern DevOps and development processes than most other books or online resources can provide. The book covers a wide swath of material, but in the end, it manages to deliver a comprehensive and well thought-out picture of a modern software development process."

Eric Benhamou

Nikita Ivanov

Kira Makagon

Founder and General Partner, Benhamou Global Ventures

Founder and CTO, Grid Gain Systems

Chief Innovation Officer, RingCentral

"This book provides a definitive guide on how to build Continuous Delivery practices that automates the processes between software development and IT teams, enabling them to build, test, and release software faster, and more reliably. The principles laid out in this book provide us with a roadmap to accomplish these goals."

Lance Wills

eCommerce EVP

About the Authors

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Max Martynov

Kirill Evstigneev

VP of Technology, 

Grid Dynamics

DevOps Principal Engineer, Grid Dynamics

Max Martynov joined Grid Dynamics in 2008 with a mission to establish and lead High Performance Computing practices. He is currently responsible for developing Grid Dynamics' solutions and service offerings, growing technical talent in the company, and performing architecture consulting for clients. During his tenure at Grid Dynamics, Max has led engagements with a number of major technology and retail companies, including: Microsoft, Macy's, Kohl's, and JCPenney. Over the last decade, his technical focus evolved from HPC and scalable distributed platforms to Cloud, BigData, DevOps, and microservices architecture.

Kirill joined Grid Dynamics in 2013 as a DevOps architect for one of Grid Dynamics’ major clients. He is currently working on the client’s CI/CD processes, infrastructure, and automation, as well as team and project management. Kirill notably played a significant role in the replatforming of the client’s e-commerce platform to the cloud, as he implemented the infrastructure designs that were the basis for the migration. He’s also working on building a boxed cloud CI/CD product, and assisting in a few automation tooling projects. Before joining Grid Dynamics, Kirill worked for over a decade in the DevOps and change management fields as both an engineer and a manager.




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